ERD Engineering Inspections

Power Pressespower-press4

The power press regulations 1965 (with subsequent amendment 1972) were repealed in December 1998 and replaced in there entirety by regulations 31-35 of PUWER 98 and is supported by an approved code of practice.


Power presses are power driven mechanical presses which have a flywheel and clutch used wholly or partly to work cold metal.

Interlocking guard – a system that prevents actuation of the press until the guard screen is fully closed or a photoelectric guard, the screen has been cleared of obstructions.

Examination and frequency

The regulations require users of power presses to appoint a person to set tools and carry out simple inspection of the power press during every working shift.

Power presses and press brakes with interlocking, automatic or photo-electric guards must be thoroughly examined every six months, other presses with fixed fencing must be thoroughly examined every twelve months.

There is also a requirement from the Health and Safety executive guidance document HSG 236 for the exposure of enclosed parts and the inspection and testing of electrical supply and control systems to power press and their guarding systems, although this supersedes the previous HSE guidance PM79 the frequency of periodic examination for the internal parts such as bearings, keys and crankshaft remain unchanged.

Hydraulic Press and guillotines do not fall into the scope of these regulations but are treated as such for best practice.