ERD Engineering Inspections

Control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH Regulations 2004)CARQ8N31

Local exhaust ventilation plant (LEV)


LEV equipment is that which controls, captures and contains airborne dusts or fumes at or close to the point of emission by means of ventilation and conveys the pollutant to a place where it can be safely released or collected.

Examination and frequency

In cases where engineering control measures are required, LEV plant to control exposure. Then an initial appraisal will be required. Followed by a thorough examination the results are then compared with the initial appraisal at intervals dependant on the trade/business and application of the equipment.


  • a) Metal shot blast of raw castings – every month
  • b) Non ferrous metal working – every six months
  • c) All other applications – every fourteen months