ERD Engineering Inspections

Pressure Systems safety regulations 2000


Inspection requirements under PSSR apply to owners and users of pressure systems containing ‘relevant fluids`

A pressure system is defined as a system comprising of one or more pressure vessels of rigid construction, any associated pipe work and protective devices which contain or is liable to contain steam or any relevant fluid at a pressure greater than 0.5 bar above atmosphere.

Relevant Fluid – including steam, gases under pressure and fluids kept under artificial pressure and become gases upon release to the atmosphere.

Written scheme of examination. This is a document that identifies the parts and examination requirements for the pressure system. No pressure system in a work place should be used unless it has a written scheme of examination.


Required examinations will be set down within the written scheme of examination. These include a thorough examination which involves the system being closed down and vessels opened up for inspection. A working examination is also usually required. This will involve testing the system under normal working pressure and is sometimes more frequent than the thorough examination.

Systems that require inspection under PSSR

1 Steam Boilers, associated vessels and systems

2 Air receivers and systems over 0.5 bar and 250 bar litres (SWP x Capacity)

3 Hot water heating boiler operating above 100ºC, however it is recommended that all hot water heating boilers are inspected on a regular basis.

4 Refrigeration and air conditioning plant with combined compressor motors exceeding 25kW; however it is recommended that systems below this are inspected on a regular basis.


The frequency of thorough and working examinations will be set down in the written scheme of examination.