ERD Engineering Inspections

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER)


Lifting equipment is work equipment used for lifting and lowering loads. ItLOLER2 includes the attachments used for supporting, anchoring and fixing equipment including fork lift trucks, cranes, excavators and lift accessories (tackle) including slings, ropes, chains and shackles.


Examinations should be carried out;

  • Initially before equipment is taken into service. (There are exemptions for some CE marked new equipment.)
  • Post installation, where safety is dependent on correct installation.
  • Where equipment is exposed to conditions which cause deterioration that may lead to a dangerous situation, periodic examinations are required.
  • Following any exceptional events such as an accident or long periods without use.

Frequency of examinations

  • Every six months for lifting equipment used for lifting/lowering persons e.g. access platforms (including forklift trucks and telehandlers which can be fitted with man baskets) passenger lifts and window cleaning equipment.
  • Every six months for lifting attachments (tackle) e.g. eyebolts, slings shackles and chains.
  • Every twelve months for all lifting equipment not falling into either of these categories.