ERD Engineering Inspections
E.R.D. Engineering Inspections Ltd is one of an increasing number of independent inspection companies.  We specialize in statutory and non statutory thorough examinations and inspections of all types of machinery and equipment. This includes lifting and handling, passenger and goods lifts, power presses, cranes, recovery equipment, pressure systems and local exhaust ventilation.P1010006
These inspections have to be carried out by a ‘competent person’ in line with statutory regulations. Independent companies such as
E.R.D. Engineering Inspections Ltd can provide these services.
E.R.D. Engineering Inspections carry out thorough examinations and/or inspections and reporting to meet the requirements of health and safety legislation for statutory and non statutory plant. E.R.D Engineering Inspections works closely with a number of clients on a local and national basis.
We are happy to carry out, out of hours inspections at weekends and evenings to minimise workplace disruption and wherever possible we will respond promptly to urgent inspection requests. We can work directly with clients, or if preferred, through their insurance brokers.
 2[27]As one of the UK’s growing number of independent engineering inspection companies, we will strive to deliver the highest levels of customer service and high quality plant, machinery and other equipment in service inspections. We aim to ensure that each client receives a bespoke service aimed directly for their personal needs utilizing the latest inspection technology. Until recently engineering inspections were considered to be the sole right of the major insurance companies. Independent Companies such as E.R.D. Engineering Inspections Ltd now offer a competitive, flexible and personal alternative.